Jesus Wept Ministries is FINALLY announcing the release of our first novel AS THE NIGRIS TURNS; A TALE OF ENDLESS HOPE.  This is a novel for everyone.  You will not be able to put AS THE NIGRIS TURNS down.  It begins with a well planned canoe trip along the River Nigris by three teenage friends before going to college.  Thomas, who has ADHD, emerges as the main character.  However, the River Nigris seems to have a mind of its own and takes Thomas in an unforeseen and challenging direction.

Some comments:

AS THE NIGRIS TURNS is dynamic and full of promises.” – Cristian Buzatu

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Excellent!!!   Clay Collins, “From the first chapter I was hooked. The character development that happens in the first pages of this book grabbed me right away. It is rare to find an author that has such depth and clarity in the telling of a story. I found this to be a very captivating book that I would highly recommend.  While dealing with relevant and timely issues of our time, this story is a pleasant departure from our world into one of adventure, discovery, faith and hope. I am very much looking forward to future installments of this series.”

       “I couldn’t put it down.”    – Sister Flowers, EPC

      “I was kept in suspense and loved your story. Kept me spell bound.”–Sis Bunton,EPC

      “AS THE NIGRIS TURNS is a relatable story of true-to-life situations that so very many of this generation’s young people are undergoing.  As I read through each chapter, I found myself seeing the faces of souls that so desperately could glean from these pages.” – Michelle Horn

AS THE NIGRIS TURNS; A TALE  OF ENDLESS HOPE is available on in paperback and also in Kindle e-book format.  We will also send a copy of the book to anyone who sends us their address and donates $10.00 to this ministry through the donate PayPal button.

One further option to purchase the book for those who prefer not to use the computer is to send us a money order or check for $10.00 to:

             Jesus Wept Ministries, P.O. Box 830112, Richardson, TX 75083


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