The Spider’s Web

“For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow. Shall not they teach thee and tell thee and utter words out of their heart?  Can the rush grow up without mire? And the flag grow without water? Whilst it is yet in his greenness, and not cut...

August 28, 2010August 29, 2010by

Flames of Fire

This week we are going to look at an enormous topic, “fire”, and see if the Lord won’t step in here and help us to “glean” some truths relevant for the day in which we find ourselves.  A cursory look at all the fire scriptures throughout the Bible shows a 2 sided picture, a double-edged...

August 23, 2010December 9, 2010by

Conversion of a Tare

Last week we discussed wheat and tares. The world is full of them and it would be easy to judge. However, the amazing thing about this entire subject is that it is possible for the Lord to convert a tare. In the natural this is impossible – certainly a tare (bad) seed can not be...

August 16, 2010December 9, 2010by

Wheat and Tares

The Lord has given me a message about wheat and tares.  I know writing this has helped me to examine my own heart, and I pray the Lord will anoint this attempt to express what I believe the Lord has shown. The apostle Matthew tells us more about the Kingdom of Heaven than any other...

August 9, 2010December 9, 2010by

Rahab and the Scarlet Cord

I was recently reading in Joshua how Jericho was the very first city conquered after crossing the Jordan River.  Jericho was a well fortified, economically bustling city, but much like Sodom was destined for destruction.  The houses were packed clear to the city wall for that is where we are first introduced to Rahab, the...

August 2, 2010December 9, 2010by