Dominion Theology

Recently the false doctrines of “Kingdom Now” and “Dominion Theology” have been resurfacing on the web and in some churches.   I asked a respected man of God,  Bro. J.R. Ensey of Advance Ministries, to help me understand better.  We are honored to share his comments.  – Vicki AKA: KINGDOM NOW; RECONSTRUCTIONISM This doctrine states that the role...

September 27, 2010September 22, 2010by

Pressing Towards the Mark

“To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.” – anonymous I’ve been thinking quite a bit about marksmanship this past week.  As amusing as the above quote is there is more truth here than we might care to realize.  Recently at the Bible study at Lew Sterritt...

September 20, 2010September 21, 2010by

One Pearl of Great Price

Have you ever wondered how a pearl is formed?  First of all, the mother of pearl oyster is a very fragile soft bodied creature that dwells within outer shells that can close or shut at will with any threat.  It has an obvious hard exterior but very fragile and vulnerable interior.  When an oyster is...

September 13, 2010September 13, 2010by