The Veil

The word “veil” in Hebrew is mas-veh’. It simply means covering.  The first human clothes were some “fig leaves”. Adam and Eve must have hastily picked these leaves because they are larger than most.  However, this scant clothing could never take away their shame of falling in rebellion from the glory of God.  God knew...

October 25, 2010October 27, 2010by

The Family of God

I am dedicating this week’s blog to Jeremy.  He knocked on my door this week trying to sell some magazines and win some points that would get him some vague prize.  I politely told him I don’t have time to read magazines. I only had my front door open a crack.  I made up some excuse about having...

October 18, 2010October 23, 2010by

The Ultimate Gift

Everyone loves receiving gifts.  Our anticipation about what a gift box contains is usually intensified by the way the gift was wrapped.  Wrapping gifts with expensive papers and ornamental bows has become a business in itself, and most department stores will wrap your gift for that “special someone” for an extra fee.   We wouldn’t expect...

October 11, 2010October 7, 2010by

Mourning into Dancing

Today let us examine the God of absolutes.  Have you noticed how increasingly the world is sinking into an abyss of moral depravity?  This is the doctrine of relativism that is being propagated throughout the media and airwaves.  Anyone who dares to say that there is a God in heaven who rules over the affairs...

October 4, 2010September 28, 2010by