I can feel the season of Fall coming even though the temps are still in the 100’s here in Texas.  Perhaps it is just a confidence knowing that the season will change because that is how God has set His earth in order.

“And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons, and for days, and years.”  Gen 1:14

It seems to be human nature to always be looking for a new season.  God knows the nature of man since He made us.  If He orchestrates continual change in His universe than, of course, He would put that same desire deep into the DNA of His creatures.

Adapting to change is never easy.  It is always easier to relax into complacency and our “comfort zone”.   But that, in fact, is the “path of least resistance”.  This flesh will always be with us until our bodies are changed in a “twinkling of an eye”.  In this day of pressure and uncertainty I observe the temptation to “escape” the daily routine rather than seek God for the victory in the midst of our trials.  I understand there is even a Travel channel on TV now that will visually take the viewer to any exotic resort around the world.  Again, this is playing into the increasing desire to escape one’s circumstances, at least for awhile.Kuta Bali

Well, I must confess, I am an escapist.  I can hardly wait for the coming of the Lord.  With each passing day I know that His coming is drawing nigh – no one knows the day or hour but we can “hope” for that change that is coming and endure our present circumstances for the joy that is set before us.  We are His witnesses and His ambassadors.  An ambassador is a witness from another country.  He represents that country, which in our case is a heavenly kingdom.  There are specific rules for ambassadors.  They must never forget their country of origin.  Although they are encouraged to be friendly to the host country, they are reminded to always be loyal to their home country and never forget their roots.  Some ambassadors may be in a given country for long periods of time and adopt the manner of dress and speech and in time even forget the culture that sent them.  It should not be so with us.  We should be longing for our heavenly home more now than when we first began.  Our sojourn in this present world should never dull the desire and longing to be with the Lord forever and ever.  This is why I am concerned with “Kingdom Now” theology.

It is as if there is an impatience in the world.  The whole earth is groaning waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.  Kingdom Now proponents believe that manifestation is now – they simply cannot wait for a future time, after tribulation, when the Lord will return in the clouds of glory with His glorified saints.  However, I believe we will only be manifested (made clear to everyone we are the ruling class on earth) when we have immortal bodies and not one minute sooner.  Our life is “hid in Christ” not openly manifested.  Jesus said we would be misunderstood and maligned in this world.  If we are popular there is something wrong and we may be embracing a “new” season that is not sent from God at all.

I do believe an Isaac revival is coming but am cautious of any “new wave” or “Emergent Church” thinking.  Remember Ishmael was born first.



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