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A sigh, not a song

“The whole creation groans and travails in pain” (Romans 8:22). What a change has come to God’s grand creation to which, when He had finished, He gave His own approval by saying, “and God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good.” It was upon this occasion that there occurred that great symphony of nature when the cymbals and the flutes and the drums and the harps and the viols and the trumpets of the whole creation joined in music. It was then that “the morning stars sang together” in their first concert. The stars and the hills, the sea and the mountains are full of music and they will some day become articulate in song, for Isaiah speaks of the mountains breaking forth in choral singing. But until that day of the coming song, we have this day of the sigh. There is a sigh in nature rather than a song. Pick up an ocean shell and you find its roar is tuned to the minor key. Listen to the wind blow its zephyr or howl its cyclone, and it is also tuned to the minor key. Listen to the birds sing and the beasts growl, and they too are tuned to the minor key. In fact, all nature has its pitch of life and expression in the minor key. That is why it is a sigh instead of a song. That is why it is a groan instead of a shout. That is why it is travail instead of triumph. All of the voices of nature are in the minor key and they will continue until the present bondage of corruption is succeeded by the coming liberty of the “children of God.” – Dr. Roy L. Laurin, Romans: Where Life Begins, pp. 297,298

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