Jesus Wept Prison Ministries was founded in 1984 by Vicki Hawkins and has always been established for non-profit purposes. She also holds an MBA in Library Science, and a BS in Political Science.

Jesus Wept Ministries is a separate missionary outreach of Lifeway Fellowship, Princeton, TX,

The original purpose of Jesus Wept Prison Ministries was to minister to inmates and families of inmates, but as the ministry grew it took on a dimension of missionary outreach as well. This gave the prisoners an opportunity to reach out and give back to society.

In 1991 an orphanage was established in Kakinada, India and grew to 125 orphaned and abandoned children. Also, an elementary school was started for 150 children in Yeleswaram, India. Also, the ministry supports a Blind School in Vizag, India.

In 1999 the ministry shifted to this hemisphere and began a work in San Jose, Costa Rica.   Vicki visits Costa Rica frequently to see the progress of the work .  Vicki is also the editor of a newsletter that is mailed out quarterly and has grown to reach 47 states, with many prisons in each state. The newsletter is in great demand and chaplains of various prisons ask for bulk mailings of the newsletters. There are approximately 400 newsletters that are sent out quarterly.  Jesus Wept Ministries has faithful sponsors.

Incarcerated veterans in Holman Prison, in Alabama donate leather items for us to give as gifts on our many trips to Costa Rica.  Other friends of this ministry donate clothes, shoes and toiletries to distribute to the needy, especially the Indians in the jungle.  We are especially in need of children’s clothes all sizes.

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