I’ve really been a doing a lot of thinking and praying about this theme of healing.  F. Bosworth once said that if we spent one year examining ourselves we should find little time over to criticize and examine others.  With that in mind these pressing thoughts I’ve had lately are in part because I turned 70 years old yesterday and for some reason that is a milestone.  Looking back I can see only the goodness of the Lord, how He brought me out of so much darkness and showered my life with His grace and mercy.  He has also healed me physically on many occasions.

As I’ve reflected on the past, present and future, I want to be in a place of faith that there is no place to look back to or any day that was better than today.  When I first came into Pentecost in the early 80’s I witnessed many miracles of healing.   It was to be expected if hands were laid on the sick and they were anointed with oil they would be healed no matter how grave the malady.  Oh, not everyone was healed, but I learned to accept those disappointments as perhaps God had a higher will in that life that I was not aware of.   Upon reflection what stands out during that season was that healing was expected.  Not to receive a healing would be considered rare.

We had a wonderful service today at Emmanuel.  Brother Flowers preached a powerful message and the Lord confirmed the Word by bringing the saints into His glory.   What a testimony to see Sister Fuller raise her arm and turn her head without pain for the first time in two years.  She and many others have been battling cancer and we know the Lord is the only One who can fight this battle for us and deliver from this ravaging disease.

Our first love is something no one can forget, but something easily drifted from as most marriages can attest.  There is a freshness with first love, full of expectation and promise.  After people have been married a few years a trusting relationship should grow.  As a person grows in a marital relationship there is perhaps a familiarity or comfort with one another that wasn’t present when they were newlyweds and didn’t know each other as well.  There is a beauty in relationship that can grow with mature love.  However, I know that our God daily unfolds the miraculous for us if we could just touch Him as the Syrophoenician woman did.  Her determination to touch Jesus after suffering so many years could be felt by Him before she even touched Him.  He could feel her presence as she approached.  Then, when all she did was touch the hem of His garment, He knew “virtue” had left His body.  Healing had gone forth and that woman who had come to the end of herself after 14 years of losing all of her resources on doctors, began a new life every whit whole.  She may have loved Jesus before, or she wouldn’t have put so much “trust” in Him that He held the answers, but now that relationship had changed. Now she knew Him in a deeper level through that healing.  We must never forget that the Lord’s desire to heal comes through His compassion for the afflicted.   How much more does He desire to heal His blood bought Bride.  Does Jesus have less compassion today?  Of course not. He never changes.

Beloved, I believe these are days when we are going to have to “touch the hem of His garment” or as Pastor Flowers said today, “Press into His Presence.”   We may know a lot about God, but it is time to really know Him.  I mean really know Him.  It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven has no sickness or disease in it.  There is only peace, joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost.  There is no place for decay or disease  because in eternity everything is new and fresh and whole.

We should not be winding down as we eagerly anticipate the soon coming of the Lord Jesus, but winding up for that great celebration of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.  I want to be ready, but part of that readiness is getting in touch with the love I first had when I fell in love with the Lord many years ago, and was awed by the demonstration of His miraculous power in and through His name.  If we can tap into the realm of the supernatural and the miraculous then God will certainly be given even more glory through the wondrous works that are being done through His Holy Ghost filled people.  “And these signs shall follow them that believe….they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”

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