Avocado Seed Faith

Last Saturday Lifeway Fellowship held our first service at Lexington Nursing Home in Farmersville, TX.  There were only a few of the residents gathered in the reception hall, but as the worship went forth more and more people started being rolled in.  Brother Motes and his wife led worship and the Holy Ghost came and the atmosphere became heavenly.  Afterwards we prayed with those seeking prayer.

There was one lady named Octavia who was a young lady.  The first thing I noticed was the large Bible in her lap.  As we talked with her we found out that her left side was completely paralyzed.  She had been a caretaker for her mother and when her mother died followed shortly by two aunts she grieved so hard she had an aneurysm leaving her in this paralyzed state.

Before we prayed for her Sis. Mattie asked Octavia if she had faith as a mustard seed.  Octavia answered with a response I shall never forget.  She said “No I don’t have faith as a mustard seed.  My faith is the size of an avocado pit.”  Wow!  Her words inspired us and gave us faith as we prayed for her, and I’m expecting to see her soon rise from the wheelchair and join us at church.

Our words are important.  We can speak either death or life.  Octavia spoke faith and life and the Lord was pleased.  No wonder Jesus told a woman “Your faith has made you whole.”

avocado“Lord, increase our faith from a mustard seed

to an avocado pit.”





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