[This is taken from the December 1917 issue of The Witness of God, A.D. Urshan, Editor and Publisher

“If there is any one admonition to which our hurrying, nervous world needs to listen, it is that which comprsies the title of this article.  Holiness of heart and life and work simply cannot be achieved until we learn to “rest in His will”.  And “resting in Him” cannot be experienced until the heart has been made pure.  Holiness and peace of mind go together.

And is not peace in the soul one of the unchanging conditions of good spiritual work?  We cannot do our best in anything if we are fretted and anxious.  A feverish heart makes an inflamed brain, a clouded eye and an unsteady hand.  The people who really accomplish the most and best are those of calm, self-controlled spirit.

Those person, nervous and excited, who are always busy and always under the pressure of haste, usually do far less work than those who go about their labors calmly and steadily.  Really rapid workers are generally deliberate in their movements never appearing to be in any hurry whatsoever; and yet they pass swiftly from task to task, doing each one well because they are calm and have their wits about them; their very serenity enables them to work with clear minds – they have learned how to “be still”.

In spiritual work we must know the secret of achieving peace before we can minister either swiftly or effectively to others.  Feverishness of spirit makes us unskillful in the performance of a delicate duty.  A troubled heart cannot give comfort to other troubled hearts; it must first become quiet and calm.  Holiness will certainly produce such a soul condition.  It is often said that one who has suffered is prepared to help others in suffering; but that is only true when one has suffered victoriously and has passed out of the deep, dark valley of pain and defeat to the radiant mountain tops of peace.  We must first have been comforted of God before we can aid others.”

We will continue this great article by Bro. Urshan in the next post but first a reminder.

The bumble bee is a busy little creature but it is balanced and focused.   The amazing little bumble bee is not supposed to be able to fly with its body weight, but the Creator teaches us through this small creature that we can fly in the heavenlines too if we keep our mind on the Lord Jesus.   Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.”  Isaiah 26:3


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