Charlotte Cochran had this dream on July 18,2012, at 6:00 a.m.


“I awoke from an intense dream that was so real I was on the verge of crying out.  In this dream, I and a group of ministers were teaching a lesson on salvation to a group of people sitting in a room.   This made me think of how we minister in the jail and the setting was the same.  The people were very hungry for what we were teaching and began to ask for us to pray with them.  We tried to reach them all, but there were more visitors than ministers and I knew we could not pray with each one individually.  Suddenly, the people began to move to the walls and held hands raising them in the air.  We ministers were also holding hands with them.  For a second, I looked at all the hands being held in the air and I realized it was more than I could count – like a sea of hands.  The power of God began to fall in the room and I was aware that everyone was about to receive the Holy Ghost all at one time.  I could feel the Spirit begin to fall in the room and I braced myself for the impact, all the while a travail began in my soul that was about to boil out.  Then, I woke up.  My heart was racing and the travail was on my lips.

As I awoke, I began to realize that God had just shown me something.  As I became fully awake, the Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me about several things.  First, He let me know that I was seeing revival – something I had prayed for.  He also let me know that the physical difficulties I had been going through for a couple of months was a price to be paid for this type of revival.  Then, He began to show me what I needed to do to be prepared for this outpouring of the Spirit:

1.)  I saw a vision of a broom sweeping out the dusty corners of a room. The Lord began to tell me how I needed to clean out the secret places that no one could see.  I could see and hear how I acted when driving in traffic – yelling in frustration at others who could not see nor hear me.  God let me know that my spirit was not right and I should stop doing this.  He said I should not talk about ANYONE in a joking or derogatory manner if I wanted to see souls saved.  I should treat them lovingly and respectfully whether or not they could hear me.

He also talked to me about my choices of movies, TV shows and music.  As I was writing this down, I saw notes from a sermon Pastor Flowers preached on 2/13/2011.  In this sermon he said, “Willful disobedience to the Word of God brings darkness.”  He talked about how Peter was a disciple, but his hidden disobedience was pride.  He talked about how human nature is enmity against God.  Peter’s pride made him a target for Satan to sift him as wheat.  Pastor said, “We need to lay our darkness, our problems, our secrets, on the altar and get over them – or we will fall because of it!”; and, “Quit defending making excuses for your weakness.  Repent and turn away.” These were supported with James 4:6.  The final statement really drove home for me, “Victory begins with the name of Jesus on your lips; but, it will not be consummated until you have the NATURE of Jesus.”  In Acts 3:12, Peter no longer has pride, but a new attitude.

2.) The Lord showed me that even though this physical trial has been hard for me to endure, He has been in control and will always be in control of it.  The song, by Murrell Ewing, began to play in my mind, “Where did the wind go? Who stopped the rain?  I only remember whispering a name.  The storms don’t decide how long they will stay.  When the Master says Enough’ they just go away.” He assured me that when the time was right and the purpose was done, He would take this issue away.  Hallelujah!

3.)  Finally, the Lord told me that I must have compassion for the lost.  A true compassion that was the same whether I was in public or not.  The song by the Lanny Wolfe Trio began to play in my mind, “Move me with Compassion.”  He let me know that if I jest or make fun of even the smallest detail of a person (their name, culture, accent, etc.) then I do not love them completely and I am a hypocrite when I act as if I wish to help them pray through to salvation.  He is asking us to be true-blue and non-hypocritical in every area of our lives.

When the secret corners are cleaned out and we do not carry even a trace of sin in our lives, and we have such compassion in our hearts for the lost that we weep for them, then and only then can the revival happen that we have been promised in these last days.  It’s time to clean ouse!

In conclusion there was also a sermon by Pastor Flowers from7/14/2010 where he preached about “True Holiness”.  In this sermon, he preached from Hebrews 12:14, and Ephesians 4.  These scriptures went along with what the Lord had put on my heart during this time.

Finally, Sister Freeman’s words from several years ago about “How to live in Power”:

1.  Do everything in Jesus’ Name. (Even house cleaning, driving, etc.)

2.  Seek the Lord. Matthew 6:33 and Isaiah 55:6 (“I’ll seek your face.”)

3.  Do whatever He says.  Ephesians 1:17-19

4.  Rejoice evermore – no matter what.  Phil. 4:14 (Exceedingly rejoice).

5.  Glory in infirmities.  II Corinthians 12:7-10

6.  Abide in Christ.  (Read the Word).  John 15:4-7

7.  Rivers are flowing




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