church in San Jose When we first visited the Iglesia Apostolica de Jesucristo in San Jose they were meeting in a stifling hot and small upper room area with about 100 packed people.   We were amazed at the vision of Pastor Arley Cano.  His dream was to have a larger church where his people were free to worship the Lord.  If I have ever directly heard from the Lord it was in this venture.  Jesus Wept Ministries purchased some property in 2000 in the heart of San Jose. It was an old abandoned bakery in very bad condition, but Pastor Arley saw beyond the debris to the church that could be built for the glory of God. The Lord granted a $75,000 miracle for this purchase.Pastor Arley

Bro. Arley at church Here is Brother Arley  standing inside of the “Panaderia” before the debris was cleared out.  It took one year to clear out the piles of rubble and rocks at $80.00 a truck load.

Finally in July 2003 the roof of the Nuevo Templo was installed.   Raising the money was a work of faith as the Lord continued to touch the hearts of people who wanted to be involved.  We were able to raise enough money to finish off the walls and interior, but then we needed $18,000 more for electrical work, bathrooms, light fixtures and ceramic floors.  Miracle after miracle of provision began to continue.

In January 2004 the first service was held to the glory of God.  We have made over 15 trips to the church over the past years and the Iglesia Apostolica is now in revival and has doubled in size.  Brother Arley preaches the Apostle’s Doctrine and Jesus Wept is so thankful to God for the opportunity to partner with such a precious people.

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