I recently returned from another exciting trip to Costa Rica.  Thanks to all of you who made this trip possible.  You are kept in prayer daily by the grateful church in San Jose and also the Telamaki Indian tribe.  They have added a new pastor and now there are four pastors evangelizing the jungles with the Apostle’s Doctrine.  I was able to give a separate offering for the Indians, the new church in Guacimo, and the Iglesia Apostolica de Jesucristo.  It is amazing how when we step out in faith the Lord supplies in unusual ways.  For example, Bro. and Sis. Hughes’ son in Amity, Arkansas flies a lot with his work and blessed me with an upgrade to first class.  That was quite an experience for me and took some getting used to, but because of that upgrade I was able to take an extra carton of clothing, shoes, candy for the children, etc. without extra cost.  Apostolic Lighthouse in Branch, TX also gave an offering which bought fresh food from the farmer’s market and three folding chairs for the church in Guacimo.  The church’s biggest need was for chairs because they have more people attending their services than they had chairs and they are left standing.

[Iglesia Apostolic de Jesucristo of Guacimo, Costa Rica]

I always learn a great deal from the church in Costa Rica. The Sunday morning service lasts five hours.  The first two hours are prayer and worship, and most of that time the people are standing and oblivious to the passing of time.  The more they praise and worship the Lord the more His anointing falls on the congregation and their joy is contagious.  Church and family are central to their lives.  People come from great distances to the church in San Jose.  If they have no offering after paying the bus fare they bring tithe of fruits, rice, vegetables etc.  The laundry baskets were filled by the time the offering was over.  After the service the items are sorted and the neediest families in the church are given a supply of food that will last a week or two.  It really does remind me of what I imagine the Book of Acts church was like.  Everyone shared what they had and no one had any lack.

One final thought on Costa Rica is that it is a nation of peace. They do not have an army.  The people seem to respect one another and show courtesy as a manner of life.  It is commonplace to hear the name of Jesus being spoken everywhere, unlike the USA where the name of Jesus is no longer reverenced.   Busses and taxies play Christian music.  I went to a dentist to have a tooth filled and even the dentist worshipped the Lord in song in Spanish through the whole procedure.  It was such a different experience than the way it is in our country now

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