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      It is with great joy that Jesus Wept Ministries is able to offer this new release, Grace Notes; Memoirs of Louise Tarver to you free of cost.

This journal of entries was recorded by Louise during a 2-3 year period after she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  This remarkable diary was given me to read through in Louise’s original handwriting by a sister in my church, Mishana Peugh, Apostolic Lighthouse.  I was so captivated by Louise’s fresh and faith-filled spirit that I decided to help Mishana to compile this book, not only in memory of her mother but as a source of great encouragement for anyone suffering any affliction at this time.  Mishana has 4 children of her own and has been a source of inspiration to us all as she and Bro. Peugh homeschool their children and the blessing on their family is evident.

Mishana lost her mother when she was only 9 years old (1990) and had scanty memories of her until a couple of years ago when a family member found these writings.    The day to day battle from the moment of diagnosis is written out with such victory and faith that it brought me to tears many times before I could finish what Louise had written before her death in 1990.  There was never a sense of self-pity as she struggled with a malignant brain tumor, surgery, extensive chemo therapy and raising 3 small children.  Her faith in Jesus became her strength and it will become yours too as you read her personal diary.

So many people are struggling with cancer these days and I believe the Lord has revealed these writings for us, His latter day people, to be encouraged and strengthened in faith no matter what battle you may be facing.

Louise may not have had all the revelation in the Word that most Apostolics know, but what the Lord did reveal to her should be an inspiration to us all.

The book Grace Notes; Memoirs of Louise Tarver is now available on Amazon for $4.99 or Kindle for $2.99.  If you would prefer to order a hard copy directly from Jesus Wept Ministries please contact us via and donate $5.00 on the Jesus Wept website and we will be sure you get a copy mailed to you.

In the meantime, for those who are ready to dive into this wonderful 82 page faith-filled adventure the .pdf file is attached “free of charge”.  Just click the link GRACE NOTES.

May the Lord bless each and every one of you and please let us know how these memoirs impact your life.

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