Has there ever been a time like this?  People are confused and that is exactly what Satan and his global elite are trying to do.  There is an orchestrated and cleverly crafted strategem to rob, steal and kill the heart and minds of the world citizens and especially born again Christians.

“And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing,  will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.”   Genesis 11:6

This scripture conveys the state of the world as Nimrod devised a plan to build a tower that would reach unto heaven.  This attempt to defy God could only have been accomplished by slave labor and everyone yielding to “Group Think”.  What is “Group Think”?  It is a condition that occurs when the masses yield to a collective consciousness and no longer think for themselves but blindly accept everything that is being fed to them through  the propaganda that is politically correct.  As this politically correct disease develops people become more and more silenced, afraid to speak or think for themselves.  I ought to know because I was raised in such an environment.  Questions, especially when truth was involved, were considered anarchy or rebellion against authority.  So it was no longer a question of what was true or false but rather what the elites defined as true.  I have seen political correctness not only in government circles but also church denominations that form “articles of confession” around a specific interpretation of scriptures and anyone who questions any tenet is considered backslid or even worse demonized.  Demonizing dissidents has always been the tactic of the enemy to promote his agenda.

It is not enough to just be a creative thinker because a mind not controlled is a dangerous thing.  Our minds need to be controlled by one thing – the Word of God – and only through a born again experience (water and Spirit) can a person truly have the Mind of Christ and rightly divide scriptures.

What does the Word of God say?  Is homosexuality not only a sin but an abomination?  What happens if we defile our bodies?  Are national boundaries part of God’s will?  Is bestiality a sin? (now permitted in our military)  What does the Bible say about a woman becoming a man or vice versa?  What about allowing a witch to live?

When we are baptized in the lovely name of Jesus Christ for the remission of our sins we actually enter into the watery womb of God.  Nicodemus understood this in John chapter 3 when he asked Jesus how could he enter his mother’s womb again.  My question is – should an infant be protected in it’s mother’s watery womb?  Tragically and horrifically over 50,000 infants in this country alone have been butchered in their mother’s womb because it is not politically correct to say abortion is a heinous sin of murder.

When a nation accepts the above mentioned tenets as laws of the land we have entered into a phase of total anti-Christ dominion.  We must support those who at least adhere to basic Biblical moral values in the political arena.

So rather than focusing on the problem – what is the solution?  Can we stand in the gap and ask the Lord to have mercy on this land?  If we don’t, sudden destruction could happen at any time.  It is only the mercy of God the judgments of God have not been poured out sooner.

The way of escape from this corrupt Kingdom of darkness is to be translated into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus paid the full price for our redemption but we must enter the Kingdom His way and not our opinions of what we think is the minimum requirement to be saved.  Unless a man is born again he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

When Peter delivered the first sermon on the day of Pentecost he made it clear that in order to believe and be saved we must “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of the Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,  and ye shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.”  Acts 2:38

These are desperate times!  We must let our voice be heard and not be intimidated into silence.




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