My home backs up to lots of trees and I’ve enjoyed the view for many years.  Last week I heard a bulldozer and there was a man out there cutting down the trees.  I was at first really disheartened as that is one of the nicest things about where I live.  However, as I watched, he skillfully bulldozed the underbrush and strategically removed some of the trees but not all.  So now it looks like a cultivated park instead of a jungle.


I was reminded of Adam in the Garden of Eden giving the job of tending the garden.  Jungles (as in Costa Rica rain forests) are untended and have a certain beauty of their own just growing wild.  Many people in the world are like that. They do their own thing and don’t care to be submitted to cultivating and pruning.

Now what was interesting about this drama unfolding in my back yard, is that as the bulldozer took out so much brush and trees it just dumped them in another area.  Now a week later the weeds and trees are out there in a big pile.  They have not been removed which could end up being a fire hazard and an eye sore very soon.

            As I was watching this scene unfold it reminded me of the human heart and how we are responsible for “guarding” our heart and also digging up weeds and allowing the Lord to trim the branches and debris in our lives.  Repentance digs up the “fallow ground” of the heart.  I was telling the men at the jail service Saturday that when they repent the Lord does forgive them but until they are baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus they have not had the sins removed.  It is the washing away of sins in the name of the Lord that remits sin.

           I believe the Lord has given many people this revelation of truth but many will not obey this command.  In the end they will be hearers of the word and not doers.  I don’t believe we can fully know the name of the Lord until we are buried in His name and identify with His burial.  And no one can fulfill God’s standard to “be ye holy as I am holy” until his sins are gone in the ocean of forgetfulness never to be remembered against him.

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