I received the most wonderful healing report from The Life Church (TLC) in Shelby, NC this week from Pastor David Underwood.  This is the second miracle of healing I’ve heard of in one week.  The other was that my daughter-in-law Kami found out this week that despite multiple medical issues that said she and Clint could not have a baby, she is found to be with child.  Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Healing Report:

On the morning of December 25th, 2011, just got home from San Juan and just laid down to rest when the telephone rang.  It was TA & Teresa Duncan, the father and mother of Tia Duncan who had attended TLC’s services.  This is the actual text message that I received from Tia’s mother:

“I hope that your having a great Christmas, but please stop by for a few minutes…I’m begging…   Please pray a special for Tia.  If she is not doing better in a few hours, we’re headed to CMC.Tia cannot hold anything down, and has not had food since Tuesday.

I do not know why we’re going through all of this…

but I do know that there is power in prayer
and so far we have had no answer.

I am believing for a Christmas miracle;
so, could you please take a few minutes

and believe with me.”


Upon arriving at the Duncans’ home, I found Tia lying on the floor in her bedroom; she appeared to be hurting as she was trying to vomit, but could not because her stomach was empty.  I had brought some oil with me so I anointed with the oil in Jesus Name, praying that He would heal her body; to restore and make whole.  Her parents stood in the hallway praying with me.  Shortly after, Tia was rushed to CMC where it was later found after numerous testing that she had a blockage in her intestines.Tia was in the intensive care unit, had several tubes in her: one, running to her heart, and the other her stomach.Upon arriving, I gathered her family in her room and had them to participate in prayer:  again, we prayed in the Name of Jesus for healing; to restore her body and to make whole.  We continued prayer for the next two days.

On December 29th, the doctors went back in and no blockage was found.  The doctors continued to retest, but nothing was found.  Tia was released from the Hospital on the 31st, to begin a New Year with a new body…healed in the Name of Jesus!

This is the actual text message that I received from Tia’s mother:

“Praise the Lord!
We are all finally out of the hospital!I am claiming my baby all well
in the sweet name of Jesus.They said it will be a long process
to get Tia’s strength back up.

But I am saying by God’s grace
we will get there soon.

Looking forward to finally having Christmas
with Tia and Mama.

Thanks so much
for all the positive thoughts…

and especially the constant prayers.

There is no doubt in my mind that all the prayers
has got my family through the last few weeks.

Tia has a doctor appointment Monday
and back to the hospital for one more check…

to make sure that they can’t find
any type of blockage that they had previously seen.

Silly doctors,
still looking for what I know God took care of…

Teresa Duncan

After much prayer, it was brought to the church (TLC) that we give to a needy family for Christmas; we all discussed it and Sis. Pam got in touch with West Elementary in Kings Mountain; the guidance counselor had a family in mind that was in severe need.  That week, I visited West Elementary and spoke with Beth Floyd who is either the principal or the guidance counselor and a check was given in the amount of $100.00 to this needy family.  The staff that was in the office could not contain their tears and I could feel the Holy Ghost in a mighty way…Beth Floyd could hardly talk because she kept bursting out crying in tears, because they felt like it was a “God given moment,” and wrote down in their register “”Angel Money.”  They all wanted to know more about TLC and it was expressed to them that we wanted to be of service to the community; that we wanted to start out as a “giving church” and a “praying church” for this community and the surrounding areas.THE TLC  also started giving to Foreign Missions monthly; we are supporting the Phelps family in Uganda.  Even though the sums are small right now, as we grow it will increase.  God is already doing great things.  We cannot out give God!  We want to be faithful over the small things, and ask God to give the increase…

We desire to see lost souls come into the Kingdom of God; that TLC would be the entry point for this area; I wrote this the other day with my thoughts on turbulence, disappointments, etc…  Bro. J.T. Pugh is always an encouragement; I had just finished reading his book “The Battered Stake.”  Personally, this is uncharted territory for me in the church planting business, but I am believing in God to direct my steps.  I know that I am very limited; very slow, not even a very good preacher…but I do have the desire to see lost souls saved in this area.  By the grace of God, He has done miracles in my life, and I pray that he will use this willing vessel to serve just a small part in the Kingdom of God, and do miracles in the lives of others.  There are times when it all seems unbearable; times that I feel like that I am not in God’s will; times that I would just like to give up!  But then, by communicating with God…with the Word of God, He encourages me to continue on…through all the turbulence that the world dishes out…for He has overcome the world.  With continued prayer, these barriers can be broken through and the Lord can reign in our lives.  He is the only strength that I have.

Mach 1, or the speed of sound is above 1,088 feet per second. The turbulence just prior to this speed is terrific…but once a plane has broken through this invisible barrier, quietness reigns and the turbulence is all left behind. What we are trying to build here at TLC (The Life Church of Shelby, NC) is a “Point of Entry,” and eventually multiple points of entry into the Kingdom of God, where people can be birth into the kingdom by repenting of their sins, being baptized in the Name of Jesus for the remission of sins, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. To experience the death, burial and resurrection! The devil always tries to destroy anything in the “infant stages”; we read of examples such as Moses throughout the Bible. Spiritual turbulence is experienced through these stages because of the principles of Ephesians 6:12. Pray for TLC as we encounter this turbulence; we pray for “Mach 1” where the turbulence will be left behind in the lives of those that come into the Kingdom and the Holy Ghost will reign in their lives that will help them overcome the turbulence’s of this world. God bless. David Underwood, TLC

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