Jesus Wept Ministries publishes a quarterly newsletter that reaches 47 states. There are presently 650 inmates, family members and prison officials on the JW database. With the help of volunteers Vicki  writes letters and articles, provides counseling to inmates and families, mails free books and Bibles, writes letters to prisoners, publishes and edits Jesus Wept Newsletter, attends clemency board meetings, writes letters to parole boards, and holds in-prison worship services and jail services at Lew Sterritt, Dallas, TX

Missions has always been a focus for this ministry.  Here is a picture of when we returned from our 16th trip to Costa Rica where we have partnered with Pastor Arley Cano of the Iglesia Apostolica de Jesucristo.  Much of our mission outreach is the result of prisoners who support this ministry and faithful sponsors.

Jesus Wept Ministries is in its 28th year of publishing and we are thankful for the mercy of the Lord to keep His hand steady on our ministrybaptism






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