Jesus Wept Ministries is a ministry that has been effective for over 30 years.  A community has evolved by the grace of God during this time.  There are nearly 400 prisoners on the mailing list and many have been released.  We have kept in touch with over 45 men and women who are out now and doing well in their churches and communities.  This ministry is an on-going ministry.

Our community, however, goes beyond the prison walls and those who have been released.  There are their families which we keep in prayer.  In addition, because of the missionary nature of Jesus Wept Ministries we have faithful sponsors who financially support the mission in Costa Rica.  These saints are also part of the Jesus Wept community.

We now have an assistant, Kirby Smith, who heads up the Jesus Wept Ministries of Indiana through his New Life Fellowship church.

Finally, there are those overseas especially Costa Rica, Africa, Phillipines and India who have contacted this ministry and communication has been established.  We hope that the Lord will continue to bless this overseas outreach and develop an international Jesus Wept community.