Pastor Arley Cano (Costa Rica), my son Caleb and I just returned from a Holy Ghost filled revival for two days in Arkansas.     In the 15 years that we have partnered with Brother Arley I’ve never seen him beg or plead for money though the needs, as everywhere, are very great.  It has been a joy and inspiration to partner with him.  Brother Arley has pastored a church in San Jose of 160 people for over 20 years, a new church in Guassimo with 60 people, and oversees four Indian pastors in the jungle.

When Brother Arley arrived 3 weeks ago he shared with me that the jungle Indian pastors (there are 4 now) asked him to please pray that the Lord would touch hearts to raise the necessary money to replace the roofs that the heavy winds and rain a year ago had destroyed.  This had not stopped their gathering together for church as they just put a plastic covering over the roofs.  The jungle is a rain forest so rain is frequent but the growing apostolic church in the mountains has not allowed this obstacle to stop them.

I know that many people prefer their offerings to go unnoticed but the Bible also says “honor where honor is due” so I want to give glory to God for the miracles he has performed the past 3 weeks.  The need of $5,000 dollars for the four roofs seemed huge.  Apostolic Lighthouse of Princeton, Pastor Harold Gunstanson, was the first to not only open up the pulpit to Brother Arley for two dynamic services but give a sacrificial offering from the church of $400.00.   Then Brother Arley went to North Cities church, Pastor Hargrove, and a man in the congregation was so moved by Brother Arley’s humble and anointed delivery that he spontaneously wrote a check for $1,000.  As I knew he would, Brother Arley cried in gratitude for this enormous gift.

Bro. Arley was received so warmly by Pastor Richard Flowers at Emmanuel Pentecostal and we were thankful for the time spent there.

This past Saturday and Sunday were the last two days that Brother Arley and Caleb would be here before returning to Costa Rica at 6:00 this morning.    We had been invited to Amity, Arkansas to be with our dear friends, Brother and Sister Hughes, who pastor the church there.   Their church is small and the needs are great as the Lord has provided them a beautiful church building and land they had been praying for for years.  When a church is in a new building program the needs are great to pay off the loan, so we were not expecting them to be able to give a large offering to the church in Costa Rica.  They have supported the work in Costa Rica so sacrificially for so many years that I didn’t dare hope for an offering from such a small congregation already stretched in their giving.  Were we ever in for a surprise of how great our God is.  Yesterday, the Apostolic Church of Amity presented Brother Arley with a check for $950.00.  Brother Arley cried as I knew he would.

The night before Brother and Sister Hughes had taken us to a Holy Ghost filled revival in Arkadelphia at the Apostolic Faith Church, pastored by Elder James Langley.  Elder Larry Tatum of Camden, AR preached.  It was such a move of the Holy Ghost.  Afterwards Bro. Langley asked me to translate for Brother Arley and he spoke for a few moments about the work in Costa Rica and the need for the roofs for the churches in the jungle.

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”   After the service Pastor Stewart from United in Christ Pentecostal Church, Heflin, LA gave a $1,000 offering to Bro. Arley.

When we arrived home I  finally had the time to tally all the offerings.  Jesus Wept Ministries gave $100, three other friends  gave $150 combined and when we totalled the offerings it came to $3,650.   Brother Arley and I are awed by the goodness and mercy of the Lord to meet the needs of this precious jungle people where the apostolic faith continues to grow.  We feed 70 children through this outreach.

We are still $1,350 short of the $5,000 needed for the roofs but my heart has been so enlarged and faith is soaring to believe that the remaining will come in.  In this ministry a little goes a long way.

Please consider going to the “Donate” button on our home page and contributing to this great need in whatever measure the Lord leads you.  All offerings will go directly to Costa Rica.


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