Jesus Wept Ministries was founded in 1984 by Vicki Hawkins. Jesus Wept Ministries publishes a quarterly newsletter. We try to publish articles of interest to the website every couple of weeks as the Lord leads.Our mission is to continue to develop an international prayer network and also communication of ideas. Through this sharing we can all grow and see how the Lord Jesus is moving through many lives. Together we can be much more than individually. We encourage input.

In 1998 Vicki received an invitation to visit Pastor Arley Cano who had established a thriving ministry in Costa Rica. This work in San Jose at the Iglesia Apostolica de Jesucristo was doing a significant effort to alleviate the suffering of many of the poor in that region. Since that time Vicki has visited the country 20 times and through Jesus Wept Ministries funds were raised and supplies given to greatly help the people. Jesus Wept Ministries was responsible for funding the building of a large church in San Jose that has a congregation of 300-400 people.

We have an outreach to the Cabecar Indians in the jungles of Costa Rica. Pastor Arley Cano has established four churches there with four Indian pastors. In addition Pastor Arley has established a church in Guaccimo and Anita Grande so he is responsible for 7 churches. He has also been recently appointed to oversee the apostolic churches in Nicaragua.