(Excerpt from Battling the Prince of Darkness book by Evelyn Christenson, p.39,40, 1960)

Jesus cryingWhat price was Jesus willing to pay for the lost ones you are trying to win to Him?  How important can you tell them they are to Jesus?

Tell them He was the only pre-existent baby ever born on planet Earth – in spite of the pagan belief in reincarnation in foreign countries and now rampant in America.

Tell them before He came to earth, Jesus lived in the perfect environment of heaven.  It is a holy abode with no pain, sorrow, or sin.  (That’s why Satan could not stay there when he sinned.)

But, amazingly, Jesus was willing to leave that environment and power temporarily – to redeem those you are introducing to Jesus from the sin Satan caused.  He willingly came and dwelt among us – fallen creatures with sickness, dirt, poverty, violence, and decaying bodies.  For us and for them.

Jesus was willing to come to a planet made by Himself – planet Earth.  And He was willing to put Himself, pre-existent Deity, through nine months inside one of the human bodies He created!  He allowed Himself to be bumped along over the dusty roads inside His earthly mother – so she could be taxed in Bethlehem – and He could be born where God’s Word had predicted.  He even put Himself through the very humbling birth process in a birth canal full of human bacteria and germs.

He was willing to be born in an animal stable with no sterilization, no bed linen, the dust of 70 miles of traveling sticking to His mother, no deodorant sprays, no showers!

Then He willingly lived for thirty-three years subject to all the miseries of this earth, and died b one of the cruelest methods of torture – crucifixion.

But death and the tomb could not hold Him, and He burst forth that [Resurrection] morning.

It was just forty days later that Jesus ascended back to the perfect environment – victorious over Satan, the one who made His temporary absence necessary by introducing sin to planet earth.

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