I can hardly believe there is less than 3 weeks before going to Costa Rica and visiting with Pastor Arley Cano and Iglesia Apostolica de Jesucristo.   It has been too long and I am really anticipating seeing everyone.

The timing couldn’t be better as I see so many things converging in September in this country that could be devastating to those who are still living in the “normalcy bias.”   There seems to be a false illusion that the Lord would never judge the USA.  And this illusion is coming from the church.  At what point did the Western Church decide God was only a God of love and not a God of judgment?  Political correctness is in the church.  How many times have I heard “That is being negative” when any mention of hell, the devil, or that USA is a daughter of Babylon.

With all the talk of a “New World Order’ I believe we should always remember that ultimately the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ, is the Only One who will bring in a New World Order that will be built on righteousness and peace.  In that day every knee will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  The false “New World Order’ that is rapidly coming into place, precedes Christ’s return to this earth to establish His Kingdom with His Bride.

A friend of mine, Wesley Taylor, has put together an interesting compilation of “facts” concerning upcoming events to occur in September.  Your comments would be welcomed.    -Sister Vicki


Wesley’s article:

“Connections to September 2015 as possible time of something important happening in our world relating to Bible prophecy.

Bible: End of Shemitah September 13 (Biblical 7 year sabbatical year) Astrological: September 13 partial solar eclipse over S Africa, India and Antartica.  September 13 New moon.  September 28th final blood moon of Tetrad corresponding with Sukkoth (feast of booths)

Political: Pope to speak to congress on Sep 23rd and at the UN Sep 27th UN possible vote on Palestinian state some time in Sep. Obama expected to back the Palestinians. Jade Helm (joint military, police training drill) Begins July 15 and runs through Sep 15

Entertainment: Lego Dimensions release date of Sep 27. This is about Legos coming through a portal.  T.V. show Heroes Reborn begins Sep 24. This is a show about superhero’s and has what looks to be a portal in the trailer. Movie Tomorrowland opens. This is a movie about a parallel universe of piece and prosperity.  In the trailer there is a clock ticking down and the time is 9:23:00. Massive Dance Rave called Tomorrowland as well begins Sep 23rd.

Science: CERN collider in Switzerland outside of Geneva fires back up again. Steven Hawkings, an atheist, has said that he is very concerned about these experiments and the possible outcome. If you type in I PET GOAT into google maps it will take you to the CERN facility. The goat is a symbol of baphomat or satan. The book of Revelations speaks of a beast out of the bottomless pit.

Climate: French Prime Minister says in May 13/2014 “we have exactly 500 days to avoid climate catastrophe”.  500 days from May 13/2014 is September 25/2015.

Other World Events in 2015: Vatican to recognize Palestinian state Supreme court rules to legalize gay marriage Earlier this year Rihanna wore a dress with a suspicious print on her dress to the White House.  It looked similar to the CERN facility.  She made a point to stand outside the GATE of the White House and send a tweet that read “CYRUS!!! LET ME IN!!”. Kinda weird. Rihanna once made a music video where she had news paper headlines passing behind her that read both “princess of the Illuminati” and “Rihanna the goat”.

Massive amounts of military equipment being moved all around the US. (long train of military equipment even spotted in Plano, Texas).  NORAD has moved back into the Cheyenne mountains. The Movie “Home” came out.  This movie depicts a space ship landing on earth and an alien coming out of what looks like a portal.  He has large horns on his head and you see the horns move as he is walking through his army of other aliens that are in a circle shape.

Katy Perry Half time show opens with her riding a Tiger through a group of people that parts as she moves through just like the Home movie. during the opening of the game we are shown the Stadium landing down as a space ship.

China stock market in free fall. sad to be their version of our 1929 crash. Greece financial crisis.

There have been many movies and TV shows over the last several years that have the numbers and dates of Sep 22-24 some of them are Evan Almighty, The Knowing, Labyrinth, Deep Impact. These are just a few of the many, many, many references to these dates and times in the movies. In Evan Almighty, he is told that he must board the arc by 12:00 pm on September 23. In Labyrinth, David Bowies Character is counting down the time to 9:23 for some sort of event to happen.  In Deep Impact, There is an asteroid headed for earth. A black president is in charge and the underground bunkers feature two tunnels with the numbers 21 & 23 at the top.

Personal dreams that I have had that I believe the Father has given me over the last few years.  I saw in one dream a massive storm of the west coast of the US.  It stretched from the top of Washington to the bottom of California. It was about to sweep across the whole country.

I saw in another dream that my wife and I were being shown a house by a female realtor. It was an old Victorian house. We walked across the upstairs to a room with secret compartments in the walls where we would be able to hide Christians.

I saw in another dream the very next night that I was at the front of a group of people running through a war zone.  We were being shot at.  We ran up to a brick house. I ran around to the side and opened up a cellar door. We then went down some stairs where a lady met us. She had under ground housing set up. There was a kitchen, dorms, bathrooms and a chapel.

This year, before the supreme court ruling, in a dream I woke up and was in a hotel room.  I walked to the clerk’s counter to buy something and on the TV Ellen was on. She was up on a pedestal wearing a black shimmering suit. The stadium was filled with people there to see her. It was almost if they were worshiping her. I also knew, but didn’t see anything, that outside the hotel there was rioting in the streets.


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