[Taken from a message by A.D. Urshan, Editor and Publisher of The Witness of God newsletter]

“O, give thanks unto the LORD, for HE is good and HIS mercy endureth forever.”  Psalm 106.

Summer has come and gone, now we are at the last edge of the fall season.  This is the season that gathers the summer harvests and it is also a time of preparing for a cold and chilly winter.  The self god will say, “My soul thou hast much goods laid up for many years, take thine ease, eat, drink and be merry.”  But the God of Heaven will say, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”   To which of these Gods shall we bow?  If we bow to the God of love, mercy and grace, our soul shall be fattened with His good things.  But if we bow to the self god, we may hear God saying, “Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee.”  Before the fall and winter are over, many will fall in all kinds of mischiefs and sorrows, and many will die.  And it behooves us as wise men and women to make another preparation and that is to prepare to meet our God.


For food upon my table, Lord, for clothes that I may wear,

For shelter of my little home, for all the comforts there;

For health to do my daily tasks, for eyes that I may see,

For ears to hear the songs of joy, Dear Lord, I now thank Thee.

For light that brightens every day, and peaceful rest at night,

For the “still small voice” that helps me choose, between the wrong and right,

For fellowship of many friends, and neighbors kind and true;

For trees and flowers, birds and bees, and skies above of blue.

I could not all my blessings count, I have so vast a store,

Each day I am more thankful Lord, than e’er I was before.

For Christ my loving Saviour dear, throughout eternity,

My grateful heart shall sings its praise and offer thanks to Thee.”





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