We are so happy to let everyone know that the Iglesia de Jesucristo in San Jose, Costa Rica has passed through the storm of not being able to have music or worship in their services.  This all came about because someone complained to the city that there was too much noise coming from the church.  Their complaint was enough for Bro. Arley to receive a letter from the City of San Jose saying they could no longer use microphones, amplifiers and if they heard any music or loud preaching coming from the building they would close the doors.

After Bro. Arley checked around he found a Christian Engineer who gave him a very good price of $10,000 to sound proof the walls, but as you can well imagine $10,000 seemed like an insurmountable amount of money.  I sent out a few letters to our sponsors letting them know of the need.  Over the next few weeks I watched a miracle unfold as the money came in and enough was gathered to begin and complete the work of putting the fiberglass, etc. on the walls.

During this interim of silence in the church the saints remained faithful and they didn’t lose any members.  The worship services in Iglesia Apostolica de Jesucristo are so vibrant and whole hearted that to stand for an hour worshipping is pretty normal for them, so you can only imagine how very difficult all of this was.

Now the work is underway and they have resumed being able to return to worshipping the Lord in Spirit and truth.

A heartfelt  THANK YOU to all who helped us and may the Lord bring blessings above and beyond what you can think or ask in 2014.  We surely do need it as we head into unchartered and difficult territory here in the USA who has lost its prestige worldwide and direction.  This all began when the Supreme Court kicked out prayers in the school because of the complaint of one woman.  Look how far we have come America.

Here is a letter I received from Bro. Arley today that I know you will enjoy.

Iglesia“Beloved sister Vicki , We are praying for God to restore your health and prosper you richly and abundantly throughout.

I want to express our deep gratitude to you and all that through you have helped us with everything for the Temple.  It has been a large and abundant blessing whereas it was a curse before (that the devil tried to steal our joy in worship).  God changed the curse into a blessing.

We are progressing with the work and we are now using microphones and music.  Glory to God.

I am sending the bills and invoices for you to see everything we’re doing.  All the money that came is good and well spent.  (Please contact Sister Vicki if you want a copy of these receipts and bills and the letter from the City that Bro. Arley has sent).

Please Express to all who have been used of the Lord to bless us.  Our desire is that our God reward them according to His riquesas (riches) in Glory in Jesus Christ our Lord , God grant them the requests of their hearts , give them health and prosperity in abundance .

I wish you many blessings from our God in this new year .

Greetings to all your children, the pastor of your church and his family, the Hughes family

daughter and her husband and son.


Your brother and friend, Pastor Arley Cano.





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