It is time for America to wake up!  We need to pray.  God is still God, and He is holy!  There is a great deal of negligence and desperation among our culture.  We are at risk of losing our physical and spiritual liberties if we don’t soon wake up and see what’s happening in our nation.  Our God, the One true, the only God issues a call to each of us to take to task, take heart, take hold, and take root in our walk with Him.  We are the testimony to the works of His Hands.  Let us weep for our sins and the sins of our nation.  We need to repent outwardly and inwardly.Prayer

His return is soon, and His way is narrow, not wanting anyone to perish.  We are to dress in the royal garments of holiness and reflect the nature of our Lord.  The door will be closed for many when our Lord Jesus returns for His church.  What will matter then to those who remain?  The eternal rewards lie in what we have done for Jesus Christ.  We must not allow a wedge between the Lord and us.  We must be clear in thought, word and deed and zealous in His love and for His Kingdom.  Let us embrace our inheritance with loyalty to our King, as its interest is our own.  God has promised His children that He will never leave us or forsake us.  We are the apple of His Eye, a people called by His Name, the Name above all names, Jesus Christ.  Let us do all within our being to reflect His glory and give Praise to His Name for it will be worth it all in eternity.

Together in Christ Jesus

Sister Lisa Green,  Queen City, TX

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