To God be the Glory


Brother Arley Cano, Pastor of the Iglesia Apsotolic de Jesucristo, my son Caleb and I had an unforgettable experience these past two weeks.  Bro. Arley preached at my home church  at Lifeway and there was a beautiful presence of the Lord’s Spirit there.  It brought tremendous joy to see friends that I had invited walk into the Church to hear Bro. Arley preach.  No one left that service disappointed.

Then it seemed each day was filled with wonder as our Lord led us on a preordained path.

The final weekend before returning to Costa Rica was at United in Christ Pentecostal Church in Heflin, LA., Pastor Geraldine Stewart.  This precious Church poured out their love to all of us in a measure of excellence and order that is rarely seen in any church in America.  God bless this precious church.

Also, Bro. & Sis. Hughes report an awesome service and fellowship at the First Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Amity, Arkansas last Sunday.  I was sorry to miss.  Again, a church of excellence.

So much is happening so quickly now.  The Lord has been prompting me to pick up the pace and this means “sleeping less and praying more”.  That is what the Lord told me!  Jesus Wept Ministries is growing.

We had an awesome service last Saturday at Lew Sterritt, Dallas, TX with Bro. & Sis Keith and Bro. Alan Keith. Again, we knew that this special service had been ordained of God and we watched in wonder as men repented of their sins, strongly desired to be baptized in Jesus name and sought for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.

Of course, there is a valley between every mountain top experience and it didn’t take long for life’s hassles and vexations to return this week.  But with renewed strength and vigor we are facing each challenge that comes our way.  How do we endure these difficult days?

Sir Anthony Miles sent me this poem today that he wrote in 1999.  The words jumped out at me for their beauty and wanted to share with my Jesus Wept Ministries friends.  As we face these momentous days we never know what sordid detail of wickedness in high places will be released.  I felt this simple poem gave the key to victory.  We must realize we are sitting in heavenly places with our King.  We must continue to look up more than we look around.


For Gods Glory

The golden orb proudly ascends

And bathes the earth in light,

As hummingbirds and bees all hum

While praising God in flight.

Butterflies dart to and fro…

Too soft to make a sound,

Leading this great symphony

While ants now gather round.

The blue birds sing a roundelay In perfect harmony,

Then a chorus of robins

Join in the melody.

The crickets are all synchronized,

Their fiddles are well tuned,

Never missing any notes

As all the blackbirds croon.

Woodpeckers tap out percussions,

As bullfrogs belt out bass,

The cardinals perform woodwinds

And all of them keep pace.

As the symphony concludes- All heaven now applauds,

Lord Jesus sheds a sparkling tear Because it’s Him they laud. (Psalm 150:6)

The Last Poet Sir Anthony Miles 1999 ©

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