We pray you are blessed by this continued message by Rev. O. R. Fauss.  This House of God is built on a sure foundation, Jesus Christ, and no other foundation can any man lay.  The apostle’s built on Christ Jesus’ teachings and it continues to the present day because Truth Never Changes.

“We also read in I Corinthians 4:16, 17, for that we are commanded to follow the apostles.  The apostle Paul preached the same thing everywhere he went.  The doctrine he preached at Corinth was the same as that he preached at Rome, yes, and it was still the same the night at the Philippian jail, with only about thirty-nine stripes on his back, and with his feet in the stocks, both he and his brother preacher, Silas.  His doctrine had not change; the Philippian church or assembly was established upon the same doctrine by hearing the same gospel. Again we read Paul’s writing to Timothy (I Tim.1:1-3) how he commanded that the fine young evangelist, “to charge some that they teach NO OTHER doctrine.”  Where was this charge to be given?  At Ephesus, and Paul besought Timothy to abide there for that very purpose, that they teach NO OTHERdoctrine.  Now if it proves to be contrary to our theory or our way of thinking, let us be honest with ourselves and God, and believe that doctrine to be the New Testament DOCTRINE to save those who believe.  When we are brought face to face with facts and a Bible record which no spiritual personwill dare to deny, let us say “yes to God”, and then proclaim without fear and uncompromisingly that same doctrine.  Many today turn up their noses at the thought of a revelation; if you come to some people and try to tell them of the gospel which comes only by revelation, they think you are a fanatic or something else.  But I declare unto you, if you take revelations out of your Christian experience, you will find the darkest path you have ever trod.  We all were bound by sin and headed towards a devil’s hell until God let a revelation of truth and light fall across our path; everything we have or ever will have from God came by revelation.  God’s very name Jehovah, means “the self-existent One who reveals Himself”.  He is a God of  revelation.  No man knoweth God save he to whom the Son will reveal Him.”


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