“And they overcame him (the accuser) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.”

After rebelling at a young age I found myself looking for acceptance in all the wrong places, such as relationships, material things, drugs and also alcohol which fueled behaviors that led to many incarcerations.  With several attempts on my life, due to many frustrations, I would find myself in suicidal states of mind.

There was one time where the Lord intervened, in particular, while trying to hang myself with a sheet in my cell.  The sheet tore so perfectly I knew only God could have done it.  I cried out all night for Him to help me.  The next day while in the yard a man came up and handed me a Bible.  Tears rolled down my face.  God heard my prayers and answered them.

I began studying the Bible and going to services.  I went through what seemed to be a maze of religion before reaching the Truth that eventually set me free from all my addictions, my criminal behavior and a life of lies.  Before long it became apparent to me that not all Christians held the same beliefs.

At one service I was hearing “all you had to do was believe.”  But in my Bible and at another service I heard the need to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sinsand also about the infilling of the Holy Ghost according to Acts 2:38.  I finally heard and realized what the Bible was really saying and I knew that I would have to continue in the Apostles Doctrine.  Well, this would change my life forever.

I then sought to work out my salvation with fear and trembling.  After being baptized in Jesus name and filled with the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance, I knew I was truly “born again”  like the scriptures said, of water and of the Spirit.

As I grew in the Lord I began to tell others what Jesus had done for me and started teaching the way of salvation to them.  I still had various trials to face but it was different now.  Now I was a child of God and didn’t have to do it alone anymore.  I was able to be used by God to start four Apostolic churches in different Maryland prisons and have seen this message of salvation transform many lives.  Through the help of the Lord many found home churches to help keep them in the faith once they were released.

There was something that always stayed in my heart which happened not long after my conversion.  I had a dream one night.  In the dream I was looking at an envelope that said “Carroll Lambsburg, VA 24351”  While I was looking at it I heard a voice saying this is where I want you to go, this is where I want you to go.  Also, I saw an old town with a train station and water.  In the water there was a calf jumping out of the water.  That’s all I saw.  When I woke up I wrote it all down.  Then I began to ask around to see if anyone had heard of it before.  At first I thought it was the name of a person in VA where this zip code was.  Then I went to the prison library and discovered in the atlas that Carroll was the county of the town of Lambsburg where the zip code wasa 24351.  That just blew my mind.  I had never been in that part of VA before.  It was right off skyline drive.  What a beautiful part of the country that must be, I thought to myself.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it there for sometime.  So I worked with churches in the Maryland area.

After my release I incorporated a post release  center called Truth to New Life Apostolic Post Release Center and Outreach Inc.  It was a ministry dedicated to seeing those who were released from prison get support with their transition back into society.

As I worked on doing these other things the dream would always tug at my heart.  In 2005 God blessed me with a beautiful wife that I met at church.  She loved the Lord and was on the praise team at the same time I was Outreach Director for Pastor Overton at Laurel Apostolic Church.  We also were doing a van ministry.   Once we were married for awhile my wife had been looking through the journals I had written while in prison.  She came across some mentioning the dream and said we need to go check it out and see what was there.  So we rented a car and booked a room and went.  We traveled down enjoying the beautiful  mountainous view.  We found Lambsburg Road, went over the mountain and came to Felts Brother’s store where we asked Mrs. Shirley where the town of Lambsburg was.  She said, “if you passed the post office up the road then you passed Lambsburg.”  So we went back to the post office and asked about the church beside it, but the woman really didn’t know.  Then she saw a man walk in.  She said, “Frank could you tell these people about the church?”   I found out his name was Frank Hawks after introducing myself.  I then began to tell him about the dream I had while in prison.  He then told me he used to teach G.E.D. classes at a prison and how it bothered him to see men do good in there and get out and then see him back in again.  I shared with him what I had been doing with the post release center and how we wanted to have a place to do this type of ministry to the community.   He pointed over to the elementary school and said that’s what you need right there.  Then I asked him who I would talk to about it and he said him.  He told me how the county closed it down 10 years ago.  This was amazing to me.  He told me there were other board members he would have to present the idea to.  I also told him, after this, that there was an old town, water, a train station and a calf jumping out of the water in my dream.  I told him I didn’t see anything like that here.  He said, ‘Fries is what you want”. 

He gave us direction to it .  When we got there we saw an old town, a park called “Train Station Park” with a caboose and a man fishing about 75 feet out in the water.  It was up to his waist so I felt it was the place to baptize those who would receive the message of salvation.

When we got back home I sent him an outline of the ministries we wanted to do for the community which were; Relapse Prevention Classes, which is a biblical program called “Reclaiming Reality”; biblical Anger Management Classes, which is called “Releases and Refocus”; a Mentoring Program  for children and other family members who have loved ones incarcerated; Computer Training Classes, for those in the community who would like to learn computer skills which could help them find jobs and G.E.D. ClassesWe were also hoping to have access to the dining area for church services and Bible study classes and also to possibly fix meals for the elderly who maybe can’t make it out of their houses and would need someone to dliever it to them.

We were also thinking of this too possibly, to have activities: organized sports, games and crafts for after school kids to keep the kids out of trouble. 

We now have seen God, miraculously bless the ministry.  We have a log cabin home, also 16 acres of land for a Christian camp and recently obtained a building to use for church with other homes such as a 4 bedroom house, two-2 bedroom trailers, one 3 bedroom trailer to use to help to house those being discipled, getting a fresh start through “Reclaiming Reality”, a relapse prevention and an anger management program with regular church attendance and job opportunities through other leaders of crews.  We can ensure a therapeutic environment for others to grow which will help keep others from stealing for drug money and also from the breaking down of family structures.  They can live an overcoming life through Christ.

We have moved to Lambsburg as missionaries to help the community.  I have become an ordained minister by the Holiness Pentecostal Movement International to pastor a church here in Lambsburg and to perform ministerial outreaches, knowing the Lord has sent us here.

We are currently holding services in our home.  Sunday morning: prayer 10:30; Worship Service 11:00 and a weekday Thursday night serivce at 7:00.  We hope to see many lives transformed by this saving gospel of Jesus Christ and see those who are bound and are held captive set free from addictions.  Watching as the Grace and Mercy of God impacts the community.  Please contact me if you feel you are interested in any of these ministries or maybe your child is going through some trouble and my testimony coudl help steer them away from it.  If you would like to make an apointment with me to come and talk to your youth please call the number below.  If you wish to support this ministry in any way please write to:  Pastor Richard Cavey, Truth to New Life Apostolic Church of Lambsburg, 496 Old Pipers Gap Rd., Lambsburg, VA 24351 (275) 755-5098.  OR YOU CAN CONTACT RICHARD CAVEY THROUGH FACEBOOK OR APOSTOLIC JESUS WEPT MINISTRIES (FB).


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