Love.  It is something that every human being craves, but is so elusive and hard to hold.  It is simple and yet complex.  Its essence surrounds us every day and is sometimes still hard to recognize.  It is much more than the pitter-patter of the heart.  It is the enduring fabric of life, and the comfort in death.  It is warmth from the cold.  Bread for the hungry.  Water for the thirsty.  And rest for the weary.

It is inspiration for a dull, dried mind, and oil in the engines of our souls.  It is the winding of the clock, the priming of the pump and the turning of the wheel.  It is patience and endurance when the instinct is to flee.  It is what cradles us as infants, corrects us as children, endures us as adolescents and counsels us as adults.  It is civilization and progress.  Education and invention.  Memory and song.

Love is the blue in the sky and the rain that follows.  It is the breath of winter and the breeze of summer.  It’s the gold in autumn and the greenery in spring.  It’s the cry of a baby and the sigh of the aged.  It’s the blanket we sit on in the field of eternity.  It is the voice that calls us home.

It is defined by the One who gives it.  God is love

Sis. Merrell Palmer, St. Cloud, FL

The Messenger, The Church of Jesus Christ (Jan-Feb-March 2013)



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