What’s Up with Chameleons?

I’ve been on an interesting word search this morning.  In my morning devotions I kept hearing the word “chameleon”. We’ve come a long way from Webster’s Dictionary, which was a hard copy way of searching words years ago.  Now we can look up any subject and within minutes/seconds get a wealth of information.  As a child I can recall being told I was a chameleon.  This became a negative word curse over my life.  Chameleon’s have a God-given uncanny ability to change color at a moment’s notice.  Webster’s refers to chameleons as “fickle” people who are changed by their circumstances and easily influenced by their surroundings.  After doing a micro-study of chameleons I discovered that nothing could be further from the truth and God has uniquely gifted this creature for a specific purpose.

I had an “On the Road to Damascus” experience over 35 years ago.  In an instant of time the Lord touched my mind and heart in such a way I was totally converted and suddenly desired a new and different life rather than the path I had been on.  Did salvation occur at this conversion (change of heart)?  The answer is “NO” but the process certainly began.  We must first acknowledge that He is Creator God before we can go through the next steps of salvation (baptism in water in the only saving name of Jesus and being filled with the Holy Presence and Spirit of God).

So what does this have to do with “chameleons”?  First let’s take a closer look at this amazing reptile that God has created for a unique purpose.  They have discovered over 200 varieties of this adaptable lizard and most of them reside in Madagascar.  The predominant color of the chameleon is green which indicates he is relaxed or resting and perfectly blended into his natural habitat.  The chameleon’s rapid color change (usually from green to red, yellow, brown) occurs when it is aroused or excited.  It is almost as if there is a hyper-sensitivity in this amazing creature that goes into high gear at the slightest provocation.  In it’s colorful appearance the chameleon can either attract or distract.  If he senses the presence of a female the colors instantly appear to perhaps attract the lady.  On the other hand, if there are predators present the chameleon distracts the enemy by it’s magnificent display of color. We can conclude that “light, temperature and mood cause chameleons to change colour”.  chameleon6If I was to stop writing this blog right here there is enough information to glorify our Holy Creator.  But there is more.  I’ll be honest and say I was captivated by this little creature who displays such diversity, and though he changes

Jackson's Chameleon (Chamaeleo jacksonii) using a its tongue to take a fly from a leaf.

quite frequently he doesn’t have that wide a range of physical motion.   That is why the LORD gave him a tongue that moves quickly when a tasty morsel is present.  This bulbous tongue suddenly appears and can go quite a distance to gobble up its goody.  All i can say is WOW!  The WORD OF GOD is our sword weapon and when used precisely can even divide between soul and spirit.

chameleon3Finally, let’s look at the chameleon’s eye.  His eye is much like an old fashioned camera lens that can reduce itself to a pin prick to avoid entrance of light.  At the Lew Sterritt Jail we teach Into His Marvelous Light .  We show how a person has to adjust their eye sight when going from a dark room to light room.  I, for one, have “light sensitivity” problems and need to carry sun glasses as light really bothers my eyes.  Do we adjust our eye sight when we read the Bible?  If the Light gets too bright do we just move on to a portion of scripture we can digest better.  Jesus had this problem with His disciples.  He had so much more to share with them but He knew it was too much light for them to receive.  Remember LIGHT is the first manifestation of God’s presence – “Let their be Light”.  Lord, help us to receive more Light as we are able so we can know you more intimately.

These curious chameleon eyes also have the ability to look in two directions at the same time.  What could be more amazing?  There are times when we must look at something from two angles to get the full picture.

We have been processing so much information this past week with the election proceedings and results.  I almost  had entered into a “news” overload and it was more than I could digest.  Did you know that what ever overcomes a man is sin?  Even good things can become sin if we allow them to dominate our life.

I hope you’ve been enlightened by this little study on chameleons.  I know I have.  We need to walk circumspectly in these days and pray for wisdom and guidance in every decision and opinion.  In writing this blog I have been delivered from a lifetime concept of chameleons that was wrong.  Now I desire to have some of the unique and incredible abilities that our chameleon friend has.  I’m sure I haven’t even scratched the surface on this subject.

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